Opening a Medical Spa On a Budget

Opening a Medical Spa On a Budget

Opening a new medical spa can be an expensive process, but there are plenty of ways that you can save money to open one on a budget. The most important way to open a medical spa on a budget is to do extensive planning with the skin care professionals and physician you hire before you even begin. Everybody must agree on treatment protocols ahead of time so you can incorporate those needs into your budget without having surprise expenses down the road.

There are many other tips for how to open a medical spa on a budget. Here are a few of those tips.

Focus on the Atmosphere

The first impression your clients will have is the waiting room, followed by the treatment room. Make sure those rooms are as welcoming as possible. Luckily, in the age of Pinterest and other decorating websites, there’s no need to hire an expensive interior designer.

  • Choosing soothing colors and lighting takes a little bit of research with no additional expense. Make sure to avoid strong scents because they may irritate sensitive clients and those with allergies.

  • Hiring a caring, friendly staff is another crucial component of leaving your clients with a pleasant memory of their medical spa experience. Instead of having magazines laid out for clients to read while they wait, consider having brochures available that explain the procedures you provide and the products you sell. Many companies you purchase supplies from will offer printed material about their product for no to low cost.

Don’t Ignore the Treatment Rooms

While the waiting room provides your clients with their first impression, the atmosphere of the treatment rooms is just as important. You want to find the right mix between a medical office and a day spa.

  • An adjustable table that will accommodate any client with any physical ability is crucial, as is having enough room to walk and move equipment around the table.

  • The room should be clean, efficient, and minimalistic. Cabinets can be purchased pre-assembled rather than custom-built to save costs.

  • Avoid mirrors or reflective surfaces in any room where a laser will be used. Have a small mirror tucked away in a cabinet for clients to look at.

  • Having a mini-fridge in each room will allow providers instant access to ice packs and other treatments that require refrigeration without needing to leave the treatment room.

  • The final thing to think about when designing your treatment room is to plan for how many electrical outlets you’ll need. Most equipment will need its outlet, and failing to have enough electricity in the room can damage your equipment or cause other expensive problems down the road.

Buying Equipment

IPL machines treat multiple conditions, so that should be the first piece of equipment that you invest in, followed by LED lights, which can also treat several conditions.

  • Do plenty of research and investigate all the costs associated with each machine. Warranties may cost as much as $10,000 per year, and some devices need consumable equipment that is used up after each treatment. Failing to incorporate these things into your budget could be disastrous.

  • Offer Treatments with Low Upfront Costs First. Invest in treatments and retail products with low upfront costs when you first open. Don’t invest in more expensive products until you’ve been open for a while.

  • For example, cleansing facials with extractions don’t cost much to you and can bring in new clients who are hesitant to try more expensive treatments. Chemical peels are another low-cost treatment that can bring clients in the door before you have had the chance to invest in treatments with higher upfront costs.

  • When it comes to retail, offering products that allow your clients to maintain a good skincare regimen at home benefits both you and your clients.

Take Advantage of Free Marketing

Social media is a fantastic way to build up interest in your medical spa without spending much, if any, money. Stick with one or two social media platforms at first. Focus on building up your clientele by offering content that provides them with useful information related to skin care and other services you offer.

  • Donating gift certificates for free facials to charitable fundraisers can be another way to get new clients in the door.

Use the Right Lending Options

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