Necessary Equipment For Your Construction Job Site

Necessary Equipment For Your Construction Job Site

The world of construction can be quite competitive. Especially if you are a builder—whether commercial or residential—the number of contractors out there is almost daily increasing. One of the ways in which you can really make your company and the quality of the work you produce stand out is to ensure that you have newer and efficient equipment. They say that there's a tool for every job, well there's also a piece of equipment. Trying to engage in a project with a piece of equipment not necessarily intended for that purpose can prove costly, not to mention, it can be potentially dangerous.

So what type of equipment should you think about investing in as far as making sure your construction company is where it needs to be in this competitive climate…

Scaffolding. Not necessarily heavy machinery, quality scaffolding is absolutely essential. Especially with the new scaffolding laws recently put into place, going with anything other than heavy duty, industrial strength scaffolding can not only cause you major problems but can compromise the safety of your workers.

Excavator. Most in the construction business will at one point or another require the use of an excavator, whether mini sized or larger. Excavators can certainly be rented, however, once you weigh the cost of rental over the course of several days and numerous projects against what you can purchase one for, you might just be surprised at the ultimate savings.

Bulldozer. Yet another vital piece of heavy machinery for numerous construction firms. Grading is generally a part of the finished product. Ensuring that there is positive drainage and that the land slopes the correct way is fundamental to a sound structure. A bulldozer is instrumental in this regard.

These are just a few such pieces of equipment you might need. There are also lifts, skid steers, trenchers and backhoes among many others. The key is to start purchasing those basic pieces and then build from there. At First Union, we offer many loans and equipment financing. We'd love to discuss our equipment loan options with you. Why waste a ton on rentals, when you can actually buy equipment and thus have the ease and efficiency that comes with ownership. Call us today to find out what we can do for you!

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