Modern Marketing Tips for Chiropractors

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Modern Marketing Tips for Chiropractors

The constant struggle to acquire new patients can be frustrating for chiropractors. Is it time to update your marketing techniques? Postcards and billboards are fine, but you may be missing out on a big pool of new clients.

We want to help you out. Here are some modern marketing tips for chiropractors to help you bring in new patients.

#1 – Take Advantage of Demographically Targeted Advertisements

Did you know that you can target very specific audiences with advertisements on Google and Facebook? Don't waste time creating generic content, trying to advertise to everybody. Some of the different demographics you can isolate and advertise to include:

  • Financial status
  • Education level
  • Language
  • Location
  • Home type
  • Business affiliation
  • Political affiliation
  • Fitness and wellness interests
  • Parents

For example, you could spend your advertising budget to target people who earn more than $75,000 per year, own their home, and are interested in wellness. That would be a more efficient use of money than blasting ads out to anybody in your general area. You can also reach people who aren't searching for chiropractors yet.

#2 – Utilize Social Media

Apart from using Facebook ads, you should be active on several social media platforms. Use profiles on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram (at a minimum/) to interact and provide information. A few ways to effectively utilize social media include:

  • Sharing links to an informative article
  • Commenting on posts from school sports teams and other local groups
  • Sharing links to blog posts on your website
  • Answering questions about chiropractic care in general or your practice in particular
  • Respond to potential new patients who are less comfortable making phone calls
  • Call attention to your volunteer or charity efforts
  • Show support for your local community

It may be worthwhile to hire a social media manager to optimize your marketing efforts on those platforms.

#3 – Encourage Reviews

The angriest people tend to be the ones who leave reviews on sites like Yelp, Google, and Facebook. Counteract that by encouraging all your patients to leave reviews. You can offer some money off their next appointment in exchange for a review.

The more positive reviews that are out there about your practice, the better. Potential new patients trust reviews when they don't have any word of mouth recommendations.

You should check all online reviews about your business at least once or twice a week. Reach out to anybody who left a negative review. Even if you can't make that person happy, others will see your efforts to right the situation.

#4 – Create Information

Whether it's infographics, blog posts, or videos, create and spread information about chiropractic care. People spend lots of time searching for solutions to their problems. If you provide that information on your website or social media, you're closer to earning their trust as a patient.

You should think about providing this information as a public service. However, this information is also a great way to leverage search engine optimization (SEO/) to get people to your website. Make sure all the information you put out has ideal keywords to drive traffic.

#5 – Offer Free or Reduced Adjustments to New Clients

The best way for people to choose you over your competitors is to entice them in with a free service. Once you get patients through the door the first time, they're more likely to come back for a paid appointment.

Offering these services on social media can be a particularly effective way to bring in new patients. In exchange for a coupon for the free service, have them provide their email address. You can use that for email marketing.

#6 – Offer Online Scheduling

Convenience can give you an edge over your competitors these days. Make scheduling an appointment as easy as possible for your clients with online scheduling. Whether they're up late with back pain or have phone anxiety, online booking increases the odds of people booking appointments.

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