Making Your Email Newsletters More Effective

Making Your Email Newsletters More Effective

Email marketing is not a thing of the past; in fact, a recent survey showed that on average email newsletters have an open rate of just over fifty percent. That said, the problem that many companies have is that, although opened, the newsletters fail to convert. An email newsletter can be a highly effective tool as it offers a more personal touch. You just have to know the best ways to use them, things you should include in them, and how ultimately, you can prompt people to engage with the newsletters in some way. Below are a few newsletter elements that you might think about including as they could help you get a response.

Use the newsletter to post job openings

This is one way to get attention. Even if they don't necessarily need a job, people tend to be curious about what's "out there." Once they open the email to preview the job posting, then they might just peruse the other sections of the newsletter as well. Not to mention, with job alerts especially, people are apt to share them with friends/family who they know might be job hunting.

Include a GIF

Anything to make a design more eye catching…People want to be visually entertained. Time is precious, so why would they spend even minutes reading through something dull and boring. Over seventy percent of those who use GIFs in their email newsletters recorded higher click rates. A GIF is not only entertaining, but it also triggers greater interest; it serves as an element of humor, and overall, it supports the text in a fun and appealing way.

How about a how-to guide

When it comes to generating more organic traffic via a newsletter, how-to guides can prove invaluable. Readers are interested in learning something; they want to know that you're offering something of value to them. Step by step instructions on a topic relevant to your niche, and what's more, such that compel users to act in some way, can help boost your email open/conversion rate.

Offer a new product or service

Many small businesses go through email marketing to announce a new product to their subscribers. In your newsletter, you have the opportunity to not only announce said productservice but also to go into some detail regarding why it will be so beneficial to the reader. An email of this nature is a simple and inexpensive way to alert consumers about your offerings, keep them updated, and encourage them to take action and ultimately purchase.

Offer greetings

Newsletters don't always have to be about promoting or selling something; in fact, if that's all you're doing your subscribers are apt to get annoyed. Use the opportunity to offer a seasonal greeting for example. Remember, an email is if nothing else a more personal marketing tool, as such, you want to incorporate more personal moments. You can send birthday messages via email for example—this is certainly one way to keep it personal.

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