Short Term Loans

What's The Best Short Term Business Loan For You?

The Right Short-Term Business Loan For You

So why exactly might you need a short-term business loan, and why look into getting one now? We have worked with numerous small to medium-sized businesses across the county, and what we have discovered is that many endure the same struggles and run up against the same walls, financially speaking.

Perhaps cash flow is not where it needs to be, maybe you're short when it comes to payroll, or you have projects on the horizon but are nervous about funding them adequately. Often, in many such situations, business owners turn to banks or other traditional lenders. The problem is though, with many of these institutions, your credit score seems to be the overriding factor in their decision. Also, if you do qualify, the process can take months.

This is where a short-term small business loan through an alternative lender, like First Union Lending, can make the difference as far as maintaining the health and stability of your organization. Both short-term loans and merchant cash advance loans can be executed in as little as a few hours through First Union.

What Can You Expect With Your Short-Term Business Loan?

Different from the ten or twenty-year terms of more traditional loans, a short-term product is just that: intended to get you funded quickly and exactly when you need, with payments spread out up to an eighteen-month period most generally.

Our short-term loan programs are also tailored to your business needs which means, flexible payback options, cash in as little as one day and extraordinarily little paperwork as compared to more typical business loans. Looking into short-term financing has a host of benefits. You now have a cushion and can thus negotiate better terms with suppliers, vendors, and partners. You can purchase much-needed equipment or technology. Alternatively, even reinforce the cash flow coming in. We can certainly answer any questions you have regarding First Union's short-term loan products.Let's get started together!

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