Learning The Five-Hour Rule

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Learning The Five-Hour Rule

Improvement and success don't just come from being productive and working hard. It requires a conscious effort in learning. Some of the best-known and successful business leaders share this common habit. They dedicate five hours a week to deliberate learning. Setting aside five hours a week to learn may not provide immediate returns, but self-improvement provides exponential value.

What is Deliberate learning?

Deliberate learning is the act of setting aside time to both learn and practice a subject you want to improve in. Although many of us have incredibly busy lives, most can dedicate an hour a day to deliberate learning. Keeping a regular schedule and focus dedicated to learning, mastering new skills is possible. Here are the three primary components to deliberate learning:


Reading is fundamental in learning or improving a skill or profession. Yes, learning by doing is essential. However, when we read about skills we are already familiar with, it activates background knowledge, bridging the gap between what we already know and new information.

Learning also requires thinking about the material you've consumed, increasing comprehension. Ideally, you should be able to reflect on three questions:

  • What is the essence of the content read?
  • What does the writer want readers to understand about the subject?
  • What information can I gain beyond what is in the text?

By summarizing the material read, you gain the ability to delete irrelevant details and condense the original ideas or purpose of the content. It also encourages you to combine similar content, leading to better comprehension.

Reflection and analysis

Reflection is a very powerful tool for improvement. Being cognitive of what we have done and felt allows you to benefit from your experiences. Focus on one specific activity you want to improve on.

If you want to improve your sales-closing skills, reflect on your most recent call. Think about what you did or said and how you said it. Analyze the experience, whether it was good or bad. If good, what did you do, right? If bad, what did you do wrong, and what can you learn from it? What options do you have for the next sales call? What actions will you take, based on your reflections?


It's essential to apply what you've learned. Use proven tips and techniques to increase your retention of what you've learned. Focus on doing one thing at a time before switching gears. Be patient. Setting up winning Facebook ads, building your website, or generating a fantastic sales funnel is not going to happen overnight.

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