Is There Still A Place For Small Businesses in America?

By: First Union


Is There Still A Place For Small Businesses in America?

Despite the domination of massive online enterprises like Amazon, Americans overwhelmingly still have a special place in their hearts for small businesses. As an entrepreneur, you probably began your company with a big dream in mind. Be your own boss, work on your own terms and grow your company so that you could make a decent profit. This American dream is still alive and well for many. And yes, there most definitely is a place for the small business in America.

A recent survey found that nearly 90% of Americans view small businesses in a very positive light—to the extent that many would even pay a bit more if it meant patronizing a smaller business. So why does this country take such pride in its smaller companies and firms…

  • People tend to view the small business owner as more honest and also more passionate. If you're a business owner, you probably agree. Odds are your passion is what prompted you to start your venture in the first place.

  • Small businesses are also viewed as underdogs. Everyone loves a great underdog becomes a triumphant story. Especially in a world that seems to be at the mercy of a few giants, when that small company does manage to become a standout, we can't help but cheer.

  • Small businesses are responsible for many jobs in this country. Despite what some may think, it's not the giant conglomerates doing all of the hirings. In fact, small businesses account for over 65% of new jobs annually.

First Union loves working with small businesses throughout the country. We wholeheartedly support your endeavor and our goal is to see you continue to thrive—this is why we do what we do. With a variety of loan programs ranging in size from 5k to 1 million, we have the resources to get you what you need. Let's keep the US small-business friendly, call today!

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