Is it a Good Idea to Attend a Small Business Convention?

By: First Union


Is it a Good Idea to Attend a Small Business Convention?

Depending on your industry, there is probably an associated annual convention. Beyond a chance to get away for a bit, potentially make some solid connections, and learn about the latest news and advancements in your field, the business convention can be a truly valuable experience in terms of getting you and your company some exposure. Even with the cost of travel and attendance, you definitely can make the next business convention one that turns out to be quite advantageous. Keep reading for some tips on what you need to know before attending this year's convention…

  • Before you go you may want to contact the organizers. Some will gladly provide you with an updated list of attendees as well as exhibitors. Why would you want such a list? This way you have time to do your homework. Conventions are great places for introductions and meetings. Learn about the various companies and set up a discussion ahead of time so you're not rushing around last minute.

  • Polish up those business cards. When was that last time your card underwent an overhaul? You will likely be meeting a ton of people who could be a benefit to your business, thus you want to put your best foot forward. See if your business card could use an update.

  • After the convention, don't just let things lie, follow up is critical. If you felt you had a particularly productive conversation, it is so important to get in touch with that person in order to further elaborate on any opportunities the two of you may have discussed.

Perhaps you're preparing to attend a business convention, or you may even be thinking about going as an exhibitor. At First Union, we can certainly help in terms of getting you funding fast so that you can prepare the materials needed for that next convention. Conventions can be costly, but if navigated the right way, they can also be a tremendous boon to your business. Call today to see how we might be able to help!

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