Is Being an Entrepreneur Lonely?

Is Being an Entrepreneur Lonely?

An Entrepreneur begins a venture thinking about the excitement, the adrenaline rush of it all, the potential for profitability, and the dream of seeing their brilliant idea take off. And certainly, these things often do go hand in hand with entrepreneurship. What many however do not think about is the fact that there are times when an entrepreneur can get fairly lonely. Loneliness among entrepreneurs is not all that uncommon. Let's face it, you are the boss and with that comes power and responsibility, but it can also be an isolating sphere. Especially when things get tough—look at the current business climate for example—you may often feel like you are the only one. Yes, you have a team, you have loyal employees, but still—there is something to be said for taking the weight of the company on your shoulders and what that ultimately feels like.

So what can you do? How can you combat the loneliness of being the boss? You don't have to just live this isolating existence. There are things you can do to alleviate some of that lonely feeling. Below are a few ideas for making it so that you don't always feel so alone in your role…

Entrepreneurial communities can help

What better way to get over your feelings of loneliness than to converse (and sometimes commiserate/) with those in the same position as you. Other entrepreneurs also feel lonely at times; you are not the only one. There are groups out there dedicated to helping entrepreneurs find a like-minded community. Be it virtual or in person, you have the chance to connect with individuals experiencing many of the same things. Especially given the events of the first half of 2020, now may be a terrific time to try and join such a community. Odds are, you will encounter other entrepreneurs who are also trying to figure out how to pull their companies through this crisis without necessarily feeling alone doing so.

Take a long look at your relationships

You have a company to run. That likely takes up a huge amount of your time. That said, you need to take a moment and prioritize your existing relationships. You simply cannot afford to spread yourself too thin in terms of trying to be friends with everyone you know. Which relationships do you value most? Which do you see lasting over the long term? Many entrepreneurs find that having a core group of good friends is far better for a variety of reasons than having an abundance of acquaintances that you can't possibly spend any real-time with.

Learn how to say no

You feel guilty, you feel obligated. You feel that if you say no to someone or something you will lose that connection. However, by saying yes to everything, you may be letting a real opportunity pass you by. And especially when it comes to those in your life to whom you are closest—you could be shortchanging time with them. You have to essentially train yourself to say no. You also have to come to grips with the fact that it is okay to refuse an offer, and not experience the guilt that many people feel in doing so.

Enlist a mentor's help

Many entrepreneurs do have a mentor that helped them get their business started and helped them to navigate that business. If you find that you are feeling increasingly lonely, especially in this current climate, you may want to reach out to that mentor if you haven't in a while. And if you do not have a mentor, now could be a great time to look into working with one. Yes, a mentor offers business advice and strategies, but they also can give you valuable insights when it comes to what the life of a business owner is like and consequently, how you might more effectively cope with feelings of loneliness for example.

Stay true to you

Businesses can take their toll. Especially when you are the boss, some sacrifices may have to be made. And in some cases, you could very well lose a relationship because of your choices about your company. Don't let this dissuade you, however. As long as you believe in what you are doing, you need to be confident in your decisions. There have been others who have been where you are, and most likely, they lost people in their lives as well. Stay true to yourself, hold tight to your entrepreneurial dreams and you will eventually come to figure it out.

Your journey may seem lonely right now. That is understandable, particularly given that you may be working harder and longer hours than before. You do need to take some time though to overcome those bouts of loneliness. What hobbies do you enjoy? Spend more time with loved ones if you can. Everyone needs a mental break now and then, otherwise you will inevitably develop a case of burnout.

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