Inventory Loans

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Inventory Loans

Finding an Inventory Financing Lender

If you own a business, then odds are you understand the necessity of having sufficient inventory, and you probably also understand the problems that may arise when that inventory sits on the shelf for prolonged periods. You have to ensure that you always have enough on hand. Generally, these items are procured through money from your business, thereby effectively tying up cash flow that has many other channels into which it needs to be diverted.

This is where inventory loans can be incredibly helpful to your company. They allow you to stock up during the offseason without having to expend vast amounts of your business’s cash otherwise. At First Union, we certainly understand the needs of small business owners, especially as they are faced with having to come up with the money necessary to maintain inventory while also managing the day to day finances of their enterprise.

Why You Might Explore Inventory Financing

With our short-term loan programs, along with the lines of credit we offer, and inventory financing loans, you can make your company far more flexible and far more competitive.

  • As mentioned earlier, you might consider buying inventory off-season, as this seems the optimal time to get the products you need for the following year.
  • For holidays or special events, you may have inventory needs for things you don’t necessarily stock on a regular basis.
  • Perhaps you’re considering bringing out a new product and want to ensure that you have the inventory to meet the demand.

First Union can help. Our goal is to let you free up the cash you need to continue running and growing your business while allowing you to purchase the inventory you require. This is why we’ve made the process so easy. We provide a streamlined application and a decision within a couple of days. You’re not waiting around for months for the money to come in. Call today and see how we can help you!

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