How to Grow Your Dermatology Practice

How to Grow Your Dermatology Practice

In the field of dermatology, there seems to always be that trendy new thing, that must have a procedure and/or treatment. Staying on top of the latest updates in the industry is absolutely essential if you want to remain competitive and keep your clients coming back. People care about their appearance, they want those fixes for their complexion issues—so the demand is definitely there. The question is: are you doing what you need to in order to grow your practice?

At First Union we've worked with a number of vibrant dermatology practices, providing the funding for new equipment, new technology, an office space upgrade, even a marketing campaign relaunch. We've learned a thing or two from these projects about what it takes to grow a thriving dermatology practice…here are a few ideas that could help yours.

Some Tips for Dermatology Success!

  1. Establish yourself as an expert. You are in the medical arena after all, and there, credibility is everything, Publish with media outlets. Submit articles on timely topics. Even go out into the local community and give talks and/or lectures. Reaffirm your credentials.

  2. Don't forget the men. Very often dermatologists focus heavily on the female population. Men have skin issues that arise as well. You may even consider a campaign that specifically targets those potential male clients.

  3. Establish that brand. Every medical practice whether they're aware of it or not is, in essence, a brand. You need to promote yours via signage, brochures, every piece of literature you put out should speak to the heart of what your brand is.

4. Use online promotions. You need to have a robust online presence. Whether through your social media channels, newsletters or even press releases, make sure people know about you and about some of the cutting edge things you're doing.

We can certainly help you brainstorm ideas to kickstart your dermatology practice. And with flexible lines of credit and medical funding programs, we can also help you to implement these new initiatives. Call today and let's get started together!

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