What is the Best Way To Handle Customer Complaints?

What is the Best Way To Handle Customer Complaints?

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Unfortunately, in any business the occasional complaint from a customer is inevitable. It could be about anything, the product, the service, how they were spoken to, they may even just be having a bad day and your business happened to be in their path. Getting out in front of any such situation is imperative, in this way you prevent the complaint in question from escalating.

Below are some things you can do to help deal with dissatisfied customers. You may not be able to avoid these types of situations but there are steps you and your employees can take to help diffuse them before it gets worse.

  • Listen. Much of the time when a client does complain, they simply are expressing their frustration at not being heard. If you are speaking to them directly refrain from interrupting. And then when they are finished, ask them to elaborate on key points. Take the opportunity to earnestly hear what the customer is saying and also look at it as a valuable feedback.

  • Don't be defensive. Perhaps you may not be totally at fault; however, try not to get defensive. This can only lead to further tensions and ultimately, nobody wins. Acknowledge that the customer has a complaint and then collaboratively explore ways in which you might solve the issue.

  • Come up with a solution. The saying ‘the customer is always right' is a saying for a reason. Maybe they are not completely justified, but the last thing you need—especially in this review heavy world—is a bunch of negative press on every available media channel. Let the customer know that you will find a creative way to help rectify the situation and thus give them some sort of peace of mind.

There are a ton of tools and software systems available to actually help you better address customer interactions and even keep track of such encounters. CRM (customer relationship management) is a technology that allows businesses to more effectively organize all of their customer engagements. At First Union, we can certainly help you with funding if you are interested in streamlining your customer based processes. You'd be amazed at how much easier it can make your life. Call us today to find out more!

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