How Do You Know If A Job Candidate is A Right Fit?

By: First Union


How Do You Know If A Job Candidate is A Right Fit?

First off, it's time that we rethink the standard job interview. Rather than have the candidate in question simply read back his/her resume and offer superficial, rehearsed answers, the interview should be about revealing a candidate's true nature and thus genuinely determining whether or not they are a fit within your company culture. A few questions that might help you understand a job candidate's approach…

1. Why do you want the job?

Of course, they probably have a planned-out answer to this one. But listen also for how well they have gauged what you're looking for. Their answer to this particular question lets you see if they understand what the job is truly about and if they have a passion for it.

2. Tell me about some of the other jobs you're applying for.

Now, not all candidates may be very forthcoming on this one. Some may just stick to generalities. However, even the generalities can be useful. Can you see a pattern in the jobs they've applied for? How do such positions relate to yours? It's about reading between the lines with this one.

3. Describe a typical day in your last position.

Certainly, you can read their resume, but the type of detail they offer in response to this question can tell you far more about how they work. What sorts of tasks did they undertake? Did they oversee people? Was the work hands-on? They will have to fill in several blanks from their resume here.

4. How are you when it comes to learning new stuff?

This is a great question because it does give you insight into their commitment to do the job at hand and do it well. Most will have to learn something upon assuming a new position. You want them to answer this question fully; in other words, not just say "yes" they will learn new stuff, but ask them to expand upon their process of learning.

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