How Can You Hold Onto Angry Clients?

By: First Union


How Can You Hold Onto Angry Clients?

It happens. Clients for whatever reason get angry. They express their frustration and threaten to walk. So how do you hold onto such clients? Good question! A pretty simple piece of advice: listen. You may have to break down and call them on the phone, and once you get them talking, keep your mouth closed and just listen to what they have to say.

We are immersed in challenging times at the moment. Tempers more easily flare. As a business owner, you often have something of a tightrope on which to balance. And clients subsequently, are getting angry and annoyed more quickly.

Particularly when it comes to finances and investments…Many people have met with significant losses. For anyone really who deals with high paying clients, there is a delicate balance—especially right now. And as much as you may just want to take cover, hiding is not the answer. You have to be communicating; you have to be proactively trying to help them and find workable solutions to this end. You might say that your job now is to help reduce their anxiety and give them a new perspective regarding financial hurdles.

Even if you are not in the finance industry, you can still apply this approach to your client base. That is to say, address your client's concerns with a sense of responsibility and commitment. This will not only help you hang on to those customers but could distinguish you from your competition.

Again, the key here is to listen. Let the client speak, allow them to vent if that is their intention. Amid this pandemic, they simply want to be reassured that they will make it through—they will be able to rebuild. If they opt to speak for a relatively long amount of time, then so be it. Just the act of talking through their emotional discord goes a long way toward allaying their fears.

Ultimately, your clients want to know that you have their best interests at heart. Empathy here is crucial. But you can' just pay them lip service either. Remember, your clients are your backbone—they are what keep your business afloat. You thus need to genuinely address their concerns and speak directly to what they are asking of you.

You might begin the conversation by letting the client air their worries regarding the economic situation. Consequently, ask them what they need to in fact be more comfortable given the circumstances. Get them thinking about both the short and long term goals. And always let them know that you are available to take any future calls and that you also will be following up shortly.

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