Hiring in the Wake of COVID-19

Hiring in the Wake of COVID-19

While unemployment numbers soar due to the economic stand-still, some businesses are still in the position to bring on new employees. If you are in the unique position to be hiring in the wake of COVID-19 then you probably have more applicants than you know how to handle. Even now, if things seem rushed, you should take a moment and be sure that you are making the best decision for the future of your company.

Make Sure Your Job Description Is Perfect

The first step in a great hiring process is having a clear job description. This way you can attract the right candidates. Go over the position with coworkers and your current employees if possible, they will be able to tell you what skills will be of the greatest help to them and your company at this time. Be specific in the skills and expectations for the job. With so many people looking for work opportunities right now, this is your chance to hire top talent. Having these specific requirements made clear will help you later on in the process.

Choose Where You Post Your Listing

Where you post your job listing can also make things easier for you. This is a rare time that you do not need to cast a wide net. If you have a job listing out there, you will inevitably get many applications at this time. There is no need to go posting on bottom-of-the-barrel job sites to find someone to apply. Stick to well-known sites such as Ziprecruiter or Indeed. You may have to pay a small price for them to post your listing, but you will be one of the few on there right now and stand out. If you have the option, some sites let you ask a few extra questions, you should utilize this and pay attention to those who take the time to carefully answer.

Weed Out Unqualified Applicants

Once you have cast the net, you will catch a lot of fish in a short amount of time. But, you need to hire someone relatively quickly, so how do you sort them out? A great way to narrow it down is automatically throw out anyone who did not do what you asked of the application. Anyone who did not attach a resume, cover letter, CV, or overlooked any other application instructions should go right to the trash. With such a large pool, there is no time to waste. Do not let your emotions get the best of you, many people will have a sob story right now. But, keep in mind that if you hire the wrong person for the job, your business could be the next sad story. Keep your wits about you in the interview process and focus on the skill and availability you need, this is not the time to compromise.

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