Here Are 8 Benefits of Using a Medical Staffing Company

By: First Union


Here Are 8 Benefits of Using a Medical Staffing Company

Have you been thinking about using a medical staffing company to fill empty positions in your healthcare practice? There are countless benefits to using a medical staffing company versus hiring people directly. Here are 8 benefits of using a medical staffing company.

#1 – It's Faster

With a shortage of qualified medical staff, it can take months to find the right person for your medical practice. You could be forced to choose between hiring a poorly qualified candidate and leaving a position open.

Medical staffing companies always have qualified people ready to be brought into your organization. The medical staffing company has already done the work to verify people's experience and qualifications. That means you can bring in the right person almost immediately.

#2 – It Keeps Patients Happy

Patient satisfaction is strongly tied to the number and quality of the nursing staff. If you're constantly running low on staff, your nurses will be overworked, and your patients will feel the difference.

The likelihood of a patient recommending a hospital is directly tied to patient-to-nurse workloads. Unhappy patients will tell everybody they know to avoid your hospital or medical practice if they can. Meanwhile, patients who were happy with their care will be more likely to recommend you.

It's simple, really: happy patients=more patients=more money.

#3 – It Keeps Your Staff Happy

Healthcare employees are seriously affected by shortages in the industry. Open positions at your facility mean more work for your existing staff. Healthcare employees can burn out quickly and will leave your practice or hospital for someplace with better staffing.

As with patient-to-nursing ratios, employee happiness can be strongly impacted by picking up harder workloads. Replacing employees is costly, so it pays to keep them happy. That may be an easy fix by bringing in somebody from a medical staffing company.

#4 – It Improves HCAHPS Scores

The Hospital Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers and Systems (HCAHPS/) is a patient satisfaction survey. Higher patient satisfaction scores are tied to higher levels of funding.

Again, patient satisfaction is strongly tied to how they rated healthcare providers. Closing staffing gaps by using a medical staffing company can raise HCAHPS score and increase reimbursements.

Questions on the survey included things like how well the nurses listened and how quickly their call light was answered. Bringing in extra people with a medical staffing company can improve those things.

#5 – It Ensures Clinician Quality

Overworked and stressed out employees don't provide as high of clinical quality. Healthcare is one industry where you don't want people putting in poor quality work due to stress.

Since increased staffing can lead to reduced stress, it can also improve the quality of care your clinicians put out. Medical errors kill too many people each year, and if adding staff can reduce that likelihood, all the better.

#6 – They Vet Employees for You

Everybody can look good on paper. It takes a lot of digging to discover somebody's true nature and how well they would fit into a job.

You're busy trying to run a healthcare practice – you don't have time to hunt down qualified candidates.

When you fire somebody from a medical staffing company, you can trust that they have been fully vetted. That means you can feel comfortable that your patients will be safe in their hands.

#7 – More Choices

Every day, it gets more difficult to find quality healthcare employees. More healthcare employees are gravitating to medical staffing companies. That means that using a medical staffing company greatly increases how many choices you have when it comes to hiring.

It's hard to wonder how you could lose when you have more choices for potential employees. That's especially true when they've already been vetted.

#8 – Top Talent

Medical staffing companies can weed out all the underqualified individuals. They only provide you with people who are among the top talent in your field.

After all of this, it seems like a no-brainer to use a medical staffing company. Your patients and employees will all be happier, and you can spend less time hiring and training new people.

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