Helpful Tips For Bars To Follow The No Drinking Trend

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Helpful Tips For Bars To Follow The No Drinking Trend

Alcohol consumption has been down in recent years. People are either cutting back or going without all together; this, in turn, has left some bar owners with a bit of a problem. They are therefore having to get somewhat creative in how they attract and keep their customers as many are looking for more alcohol-free opportunities to have some fun.

Millennials seem to be at the forefront of this sober movement, with over 65% of them determined to cut way down on the amount that they do drink. And over fifty percent in a recent survey said that in 2018 they did consciously abstain from drinking for a least a period. Why this increased rejection of alcohol…Health has been cited as a primary motive.

And now with things such as "Dry January" and Sober September taking the country by storm, it stands to reason that the move toward health and well being by cutting down on the booze is more popular than ever.

Bars and restaurants as noted are having to get creative. Alcohol-free or low alcohol drinks are becoming mainstays on menus. Low alcohol beer is among the fastest-growing beer varieties in the US currently. Across the board, sales of no-alcohol beverages have increased by more than a billion dollars in just one year.

Certainly, that's not to say that alcohol is on its way to becoming extinct as far as the Friday night social scene. Wine, beer, and cocktails remain a good source of revenue for the food and beverage industry. However, more and more are having to up their non-alcoholic offerings. Mocktails, for instance, are now an important part of what many bars are offering. Healthier ingredients are being included in some of these drinks as well to make them even more enticing.

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