Getting Your Team to Embrace Mondays

By: First Union


Getting Your Team to Embrace Mondays

For everyone across the country, the weekend coming to a close is perhaps one of the saddest moments there is; scratch that, Monday morning is probably the most lamented moment of the week. And yet, it always manages to rear its head. Dragging in, mourning their lost weekend, your team is, needless to say, less than enthused. So what can you do to rally your troops? How can you get them a little more excited about coming into work on a Monday?

1. Shorten the workweek

It's ingrained in us as a country that the workweek consists of Monday-Friday, 9 to 5. But this doesn't necessarily have to be the case. Many companies have gone to a four day work week. And as expected, such a change does produce promising results. Morale is boosted. Because the week is shortened, Monday doesn't seem to be as much of a drudgery. And your employees are more motivated in general.

2. Have breakfast

You want to kick the week off right, invite your team to a Monday morning breakfast. Yes, they still have to be there, but at least, this way they're arriving in good food, a friendly gathering in which they can share the highlights of the weekend, and a means of jumping into the workweek in a far less sluggish and far more dynamic way.

3. Bring them outside

Why not start your Monday with an activity outdoors—weather permitting of course. Your team members are probably a bit tired and hesitant to dive right into work. What better way to get those juices flowing than by bringing everyone outside, amid the fresh air and get them moving. Some businesses implement morning yoga, nature hikes, even some basic stretching. Being outside helps naturally boost the spirit and awaken the mind.

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