Getting New Equipment for Your Roofing Company

Getting New Equipment for Your Roofing Company

Everyone needs a good roofer. Those who own roofing companies can certainly do quite well in the industry. The key, however, is to ensure that you maintain your equipment and always have the tools and machinery that not only help you perform quality work but also keep you and your crew safe. Particularly with ever-tightening OSHA requirements, you don't want to take any chances when it comes to safety. And safety starts with reliable equipment. Below are some items you might consider investing in order to take your roofing business to that next level.

1. Dependable and upgraded ladders. This is going to be perhaps one of your most essential tools. All day long you and your team are probably up and down ladders. You want ones that are safe, sturdy and easy to use.

2. Nail guns. The more accurate and reliable the nail gun and compressor, the better quality job you're going to be able to do. Nailing down shingles is no easy task. If your nails guns are slow and problem-plagued, the shingles may not lay like you want them to.

3. Scaffolding. For the more extensive and in-depth roofing jobs, ladders simply don't cut it. Buying high-quality scaffolding that is easy to set up and break down will make your job that much easier.

4. Lifts. Certain roofing projects will require a lift from time to time. And while this may be an expensive piece of equipment, again it helps to ensure safety and in the long run, can save you quite a bit of time and energy.

We've worked with a number of reputable roofers across the country. And many have in fact been looking to purchase new tools and equipment. Reinvesting back into your business is always a smart move. We offer loan products, ranging from 5k to 1 million that can help you buy that new lift or a set of new nail guns. Call today and let's get started together!

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