Getting Employees to Unplug

By: First Union


Getting Employees to Unplug

One company is discovering that at least one way to get employees to take time and unplug is to pay them to do so. FullContact is offering its employees 7500.00 in terms of a travel bonus, but the catch: they are not permitted to check their work emails while they are traveling. According to a recent study, it is estimated that over forty percent of workers who do go on vacation check their work emails daily while away. Thus, we are seeing more and more instances of burnout.

This was why FullContact decided to raise the stakes and thereby compel their employees to enjoy their vacations. They are calling it "paid paid leave." And what the company is finding is that their employees genuinely are rested and recharged upon returning, and consequently full of new ideas and inspiration.

Basically, for those who have worked at FullContact for at least a full year, they can then access this benefit. Every year thereafter they receive the 7500.00 bonus but again, can only take it if they unplug while away. After 7 years of this program, the company says that there hasn't been anyone who hasn't participated.

One of the things that they have done in anticipation of the email-less vacations is to train others in the roles so that the employees who do travel can feel more at ease and know that their tasks are being handled. They're also finding that training employees on a variety of roles are working well for the company, as personnel are in fact learning and growing and helping the company to do so in return.

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