Filling Your Holiday Help Needs

By: First Union


Filling Your Holiday Help Needs

With the holiday season nearly here, smaller business owners are scrambling to find seasonal help. Bigger companies often have more to offer when it comes to the hiring of seasonal help. Which can leave small companies competing for employees. So what can you start doing right now to ensure you get the holiday help you need this year…

1. Ask your staff

The first thing you should do is to approach the people who currently work for you regarding filling in on extra shifts, working overtime and even moving from part to full-time hours. Often, employees around this time of year will be eager to do so as they understand the expenses associated with the holidays and could use the extra money. You might have a staff meeting and layout exactly what the company's needs will be over the holiday season; therefore, those who are interested in taking on more can express let you know.

2. Look for connections

Again, starting with your employees, you might want to approach them regarding any people they know—family, friends, etc.—who would be interested in picking up some seasonal work. Additionally, think about any past workers or those who've retired and who may just want some extra money for the holiday season.

3. Offer flexibility

The advantage that you have over larger businesses is that you can be more flexible with each worker. Especially around the holiday season, lives can get hectic, so if you can sit down with each employee and work with them to thus get them on board, you may be able to offer something that big companies cannot.

At First Union Lending, we certainly understand how busy and demanding the holidays can be, especially for industries such as retail or food and beverage. We've partnered with numerous companies around this time of year to get the additional money for hiring more staff to help with the holiday rush, and we would love to do the same for you. Call today!

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