Hit the easy button and stop procrastinating

When it comes to your businesses finances there are some things that must be done and others that should be avoided.  At First Union we know that business owners can get busy and when they do, they can neglect some of the seemingly obvious or simple things that can easily pile up.  When it comes to your businesses finances one of the first things to remember is that you should not procrastinate.

One of the biggest mistakes those entrepreneurs make, especially when their company is in the early stages is that they assume that the numbers don’t matter or are not as important.  The problem that if you put off the number crunching it only adds up, it won’t disappear.  The bigger problem is that now the mountain of numbers piling up only becomes more intimidating, will take more time to manage and will only cause you to procrastinate further.

You can make actually make small business accounting much more manageable by breaking everything down into small chunks.  Taking out the bookkeeping piece by piece, such as one day the payroll, another day the invoices, another the receivables can not only make it all seem more manageable, but can be done in smaller segments of time, giving you more perspective more frequently into the businesses financial health.  Besides the already mentioned and obvious benefits, focusing on one task at a time instead of jumping back and forth will not only make the job at hand easier, but it will also make it fly by faster.

Leave the multi tasking to computers.

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