What Kind of Personality Does Your Company Have?

What Kind of Personality Does Your Company Have?

Whether or not you may be aware of it, all companies have a distinctive style and yes, a personality of their own. It's about what sort of company culture you foster, the general vibe and atmosphere that resonates within workplace walls, the prevailing attitude when it comes to dealing with clients. The key, of course, is to understand what type of personality your business has and this way you can either tweak if necessary or further enhance an already positive personality profile.

So how exactly can you determine what your company personality may be? The following questions and observations may help give you deeper insight into what kind of company yours is:

  • Voice. Does your company have a voice? If it were to talk, how might it sound? In other words, think about the overall tone—is there an innate formality to your brand? Or, is it more fun and less formal? Is the language complex or easy to follow? The voice goes a long way toward determining personality, so it's important to pinpoint exactly how you as a company sound.

  • Signature Traits. This could include anything from how you conduct weekly meetings, to how you address customer feedback, to even how you pay attention to the details. If you had to sum up your business's key characteristics, what might those be?

  • Leadership. Very often a business's personality is, in fact, a direct result of its leadership. Look at the core team that is at the helm. Who are they? What is their professional style? Are they more hands-on or laid back? Do they tend to be direct and in-your-face or more open to employee input?

Whatever personality your business has, you want to make sure that it is helping your overall cause; meaning, think about what you hope to accomplish, your company's mission, and make sure that the personality of your firm is supporting this.

At First Union, we've dealt with a wide array of organizations in numerous industries, and trust us, every one of them has a distinctive personality, which is why all of our financing programs are custom tailored to your specific needs and goals. If you do require cash for expansion, a new project, a growing payroll perhaps, we'd love to help. Call today and let's get started!

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