Do You Need an HR Person?

By: First Union


Do You Need an HR Person?

Most, when thinking about Human Resources and its function within a company, tend to see HR as a necessity for larger corporations. After all, with the budget of some smaller firms, hiring on an HR person may not be at the top of the list. But the question remains, should you at least look into having an HR person on board in some form?

First off, it's important to understand what an HR person does. Unlike in the past, today's HR is more strategy based. They perform managerial roles in terms of helping foster company goals, safeguard company culture and enhance the workplace environment. They also are there to ensure that diversity is a part of who you are as a company. Not to mention, the HR person is responsible for helping find and nurture talent—the kind of talent you need to grow your business.

If You Can't Hire a Full-time HR Person…

Perhaps making this a permanent full-time position just isn't feasible given where your small business currently stands. You can outsource the HR role. You might also consider contracting the position or hiring someone on part-time. The point is, having an individual in such a role, facilitating everything from employee dynamic to payroll and benefits can be a boost to your company and clear your plate a bit so that you can focus on growth and expansion initiatives.

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