There are many methods to consolidate business debt and First Union Lending, an alternative solution based licensed lender can create a solution specifically tailored to your needs. Consolidating of business debt doesn’t have to be a 4-letter word and does not need to destroy your personal or business credit to take place.


At First Union Lending we do not take on any form of debt consolidation, restructuring or settlement. We strive to consolidate business debt by truly giving a business the option to have one payment to keep track of which increases the cash flow of the company by ensuring that they end up paying less today than if they didn’t consolidate the debt.


In many cases, First Union Lending can consolidate the debt, lower the payments and increase a business cash flow without having to extend the term of the loan(s). There are many methods by which to consolidate existing debts, such as; reverse consolidations, buying out of existing loans, combining loans, converting loans into more interest friendly versions of themselves.


Consolidating loans is all about saving time and money while increasing the business’s cash flow. You need to ensure that the company can continue to grow and no matter what solution First Union Lending comes up with to do that, we can guarantee you that ultimately that is what we will do, help you keep your company going in the right direction.

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