Choices You Will Regret In Ten Years

Choices You Will Regret In Ten Years

Most have probably heard the saying: "live each day like it's your last…" There is certainly something to that. If we are so focused on what we don't have, what we want but can't attain right now, that which slipped through our fingers, we fail to appreciate the good that is right in front of us. If it was your last day, how would you spend it? With loved ones perhaps. Traveling somewhere exotic. Creating something you've always wanted to create. Each moment is so important. Each second does count. Which is why there are some choices and decision we make that in retrospect, we truly do come to regret, consequently saying to yourselves, "if only…"

Waiting for just the right time

While many people often decide to "wait for the right time" before making that next move, taking that huge risk, doing that which they've always aspired to do, they soon discover there is no perfect time. The perfect time is never just going to land in your lap. Once you realize this, you will find yourself moving ahead more dynamically and potentially getting more done than you ever have before.

Keep in mind, there is always going to be a reason why this isn't the right time: maybe you don't have enough money, you aren't feeling 100% yourself, you're simply too frightened to move forward. Whatever the excuse, you have to be able to push it aside; in other words, don't allow it to dissuade you from thinking that right now is the right time to take the chance.

Waiting to be noticed or picked

We all want people to applaud our talent, to pick us because what we create is superior. The thing is, this may never happen, not if you let this mindset that "they" have to notice you, they have to pick you to dominate your way of thinking. You have to pick yourself; it's that simple. If you do something and if you believe in yourself as an artist, as a business person, as a sales professional, people will begin to take notice. If instead, you crouch somewhere in the background just hoping someone will see you and what's more, pick you, the actual odds of that happening are slim to none.

Not living your dream

Growing up, we have many people influencing our lives and what we do: parents, teachers, family, friends. We get a lot of input regarding the kind of life we should be leading, the sort of career we're best suited for, the type of family we should one day have. The problem comes when we let those voices override our own. We must learn to stay true to who we are and inherently to the goals that we cultivate for ourselves. If all you're ever doing is trying to live someone else's version of "your" dream, you only stand to face a lifetime of regret.

Never even trying

Failing is okay—everyone will fail at some point—but failing to ever try can derail all of your goals and leave you regretting that chance not taken. Most people are comfortable with where they are—this comfort lulls them into a sense of safety. And who wants to leave what they perceive to be a cocoon of safety. Trying and taking risks can certainly seem scary at times, but it is what is going to help define who you truly are and what kind of life you ultimately want to live.

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