How Much Is My Business Worth?

Knowing what your company is really worth on the open market can help you make better decisions. Whether you want to sell, find silent investors or raise capital, knowing your value is the most important factor.

Don’t be like many other entrepreneurs and get laughed out of the tank by not knowing your numbers.

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Could I benefit from additional capital?

All companies need access to capital in order to grow. Is your company growing? You can rest assured that the competition is. Staying competitive in today’s market is not just about making sure you are priced right. You need to be taking as much market share as possible. Only companies with the most market share will survive, long term.

In 2017,  Apple (one of the most cash rich companies today) borrowed $5 billion dollars to build their new campus. Why? Because even the richest companies know that cash should be used to acquire other companies, buy inventory and so on. Businesses that use their operating budget for growth are 95% more likely to fail in the first 18 months. Company growth should be fueled by leveraged money which can be paid back from that growth.

At First Union, we provide  the capital needed to grow quickly and competitively. Most importantly, we provide you with the funds you need, when you need it.

How Can I Use A Business Loan?


Business growth:

You can grow your business by  expanding your current location or opening a new one. You could also start a new marketing campaign.

Hiring new employees:

A business loan enables you to hire much-needed, valuable help to handle additional work. You could also hire fresh talent that will keep your business innovative.

Purchasing more inventory:

Purchase more inventory, try out new products or replenish your existing product line.

Upgrading your equipment:

A business loan provides you with the cash needed to upgrade your equipment or purchase new quality equipment.

What our clients say…

First Union has been a lifesaver for me in helping me realize my dream. We started off with two trucks, one was down and out. When First Union reached out to us I was skeptical at first. We just took our fourth loan from First Union which helped us get truck# 38, 39 and 40.

A. Shwartz

First Union Lending is amazing! God bless this company their unsecured business loans helped me out so much. I wouldn’t have been able to open my second location without them. The person who gave me the loan was kind and helpful and this was all in a timely manner.

M. Maturo

I’ve had a few short term loans with First Union and it has always been a fast, easy process. Kat is our go to girl and has never let us down! The loan options, rates and service are unparalleled. If you’re in need of business funding, you can’t go wrong with First Union.


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