Asking for WiFi when Remodeling a Home

By: First Union


Asking for WiFi when Remodeling a Home

For those renovators and remodel companies who find themselves consistently working on people's homes and also consistently in need of WiFi to ensure that everything stays running smoothly, asking to use someone's WiFi can be a bit of an awkward conversation. Of course, you want to respect the homeowner's space to include their airwaves, but also if there is available WiFi and they are not opposed to you tapping into it, then it's probably worth engaging them on this subject.

One way to start the conversation regarding potential WiFi usage would be to ask in such a way that it presents benefits to the homeowner. For example, you might point out that having access to the WiFi helps you to interact more effectively with everyone involved in the job, thereby keeping all on the same page. Collaboration is made much easier by WiFi.

You might also consider creating a checklist that outlines exactly the protocol whereby you will be using their WiFi. Such a list could contain a reason for needing the WiFi, how it'll be used, your vow not to share their password as well as a recommendation to change that password at a future date, plus the names of any other members of your team who might be using it.

One thing homeowners might be wary of is workers spending too much time on their devices should they be password enabled versus tending to the specifics of the actual job. You should always let the client know that the WiFi will be utilized for business purposes only—you could even put something to this effect in writing to set their mind at ease.

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