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Small Business Funding in Wichita, KS

If you own and operate a small Wichita, KS business, you probably are enjoying the benefits of an economy that is growing jobs, that has an unemployment rate lower than the national average and that ultimately, is a very small business-friendly climate.

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Wichita has consistently been ranked among the best places in which to both live and retire. With industries such as agriculture, trade, mining, and energy among the city's top, this Kansas region is a great option for up and coming entrepreneurs.

Wichita State is at the hub of the city. Young professionals abound here, as the university is ranked among the best in the area. What else does Wichita, Kansas have to offer…How about an eclectic and growing downtown that features the best of both old and new. The historic Old Town area boasts shops, restaurants, galleries, you name it. While sections such as Crown Heights and Riverside are marked by affordable housing and safe family-friendly neighborhoods. Find out what you qualify for!

As a Wichita based business owner, you have a ton of resources at your disposal. It's time to get out there, build a buzz around your brand, and attract those Kansas area customers. Perhaps you're thinking about moving into bigger office space—you're probably going to need a commercial loan for that. To make the process easier, you can fill out our application online.

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Maybe you want to buy newer equipment—equipment financing will come into play. We work with business owners throughout Wichita and the state of Kansas to help them move ahead and achieve their goals. Get options now!

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First Union Lending: Funding Small Businesses Throughout Wichita, KS

You may have already tried to go the traditional financing route. Odds are, they kept you waiting for weeks if not months; they then probably turned you down because you didn't have enough collateral, not enough years in business, maybe your credit score was too low. This is where we differ. We look at the entire picture of who you are as a company—where you started, where you currently stand and what direction your Wichita, KS business is moving.

Our loan agency serving Wichita doesn't just look at a single number or score. Our approach to commercial lending is far more comprehensive. With short term loans, bridge loans, merchant cash advances, SBA loans, long term loans, commercial property loans, debt consolidation, credit card processing, health care provider loans, equipment financing, invoice factoring and lines of credit among other financial programs, we can help you take your Wichita based business to the next level. If you want to hire more employees, launch a new marketing campaign, maybe upgrade your technology, we can certainly get you the cash needed to accomplish whatever project you may have in mind.

The process is simple and fast. Fill out an application online, submit a few documents and you will be assigned an advisor to guide you through—start to finish. Most customers have a decision in a few hours. And as far as the actual funding goes, some get their money the same day. We understand that you cannot afford to wait around. The pace of business in Wichita moves fast; you've got to be on top of it to stay competitive.

Did you know that as far as US cities, Wichita is in the top twenty for young professionals—you want your small business to be able to attract and recruit this top tier talent? It's time to make a move and we want to be your go-to lender. Online and alternative lenders can offer small Kansas businesses what traditional banks cannot: opportunity, flexibility, and resources ranging from 5k to 10 million. We want to help your growth, not hinder it. Call for a free consultation!

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