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Small Business Funding for Portland, OR Companies

If you have a small Portland-based business, you should be finding yourself in a very good position right about now. The city of Portland, Oregon is currently ranked number eight in the nation as far as the best cities in which to live. And why wouldn't it be?

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With access to gorgeous mountains, scenic landscapes, plenty of outdoor adventure, right next door to a bustling and dynamic urban center, the people of Portland have the best of everything. Not to mention, home to the Trailblazers as well as being a hub when it comes to art and culture as far as having numerous museums, galleries, shops and experiences, Portland, OR offers a ton of things for residents and visitors alike to see and do!

As far as the business climate in Portland, things could no be better at the moment. The economy of the entire state of Oregon is thriving. And with measurable growth in manufacturing, real estate development, and the science and tech sector, the job market is at an all-time high. Find out what you qualify for!

Portland has one of the lowest business tax rates in the western region of the country. And as their overall energy costs are also among the lowest, those entrepreneurs who do run a Portland-based business have valuable opportunities to do some big things for their companies.

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What would you like to do to help boost your Portland, Oregon business? Maybe hire more staff, buy new vehicles, open a new location, even roll out a new product line. The sky is the limit here, and our loan agency serving Porland would like to help. Having worked with smaller companies from the Pearl District to Boise, we understand the Portland climate and economy. Let's talk about your options or fill out an online application and we will reach out to you!

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First Union Lending: Working With Businesses Across Portland

Perhaps you've already approached a traditional Oregon bank about a commercial loan. Let us guess…they said your FICO was too low, that you didn't have enough years in business, that you lacked the appropriate amount of collateral. They probably kept you waiting weeks, if not months, only to reject your application in the end. This is not how we operate; rather, we take a big-picture approach to working with small Portland businesses. We want to hear your story, really get to know who you are as a company and base our funding decision on a wide array of factors, not just a single score.

The process is so very easy for us…First, just fill out an online application. After that, you'll submit some documents and work with an advisor to address any questions or concerns. That's all there is to it. You generally will be notified of a decision within a few hours. And with many of the Portland area clients with whom we work, they receive the cash in their accounts the same day. We don't leave you sitting around waiting. With short term loans, merchant cash advances, bridge loans, SBA loans, long term loans, commercial property loans, lines of credit, debt consolidation, credit card processing, health care provider loans, invoice factoring, and equipment financing among other such products, we have the resources on hand now to get you the commercial funding your Portland business requires.

Having worked with a wide range of industries from food and beverage, to transportation, to education and even medical, we have the experience to create the perfect custom-tailored loan solution for your company. We don't leave you sitting around waiting. We understand that the pace of business in Portland, OR can move fast and you need the resources and means at your disposal to keep up. We would love to discuss your upcoming projects, speak with a specialist!

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