Small Business loans in  Overland Park Ks

Small Business Loans in Overland Park

As the second-largest city in Kansas, Overland Park is a perfect community to raise a family, open a business, retire, and set up a life for generations to come. Overland Park's rapidly increasing population but slower city life makes it a perfect place for someone trying to set their roots in the area. If you're looking to start a business in a city that promotes shopping locally and always having things to do - Overland Park is the place to be.

Business owners in Overland Park know how much the city and state of Kansas invest in the future of mom-and-pop shops. Due to their drive to promote a local economy while still being a perfect place for large companies to set up their headquarters, Overland Park has many perks for small and growing businesses.

As of 2022, Overland Park has even allocated $3 million in funding from the American Rescue Plan Act of 2021 to administer three grant programs for small businesses. All three grant programs seek to meet the needs expressed by the business community and stakeholders during engagement sessions held in January 2022. Overland Park was listening to the small business owners to create a solution to help them. A society that rallies behind each other in support of small businesses is why First Union Lending loves providing working capital to companies within this beautiful, outdoorsy city.

Running a successful business in Overland Park takes a lot of hard work, patience, and determination. Business owners understand the need to maintain a healthy business outlook and upkeep their environment to keep in line with the diverse local community. Any necessary business venture you add to your belt increases the opportunity for your business to create a lasting impact on your community. But an increase in funds is generally needed to do so.

Rather than searching for a traditional lender with a lengthy application process, choose First Union Lending to provide you with business funding at an expedited rate. We help small and growing Overland Park, Kansas businesses achieve their goals and maintain success.

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The Top Four Industries in Overland Park

The Top Four Industries in Overland Park

Overland Park has quite a mix of industries that drive its economy forward. Four primary industries can capture hearts in this history-rich city. You can receive financial assistance through a business loan if relevant to your business.


Overland Park's healthcare industry is among the required fields in the area. With hospitals like the AdventHealth South Overland Park, Overland Park Regional Medical Center, and the Johnson County Rehabilitation Hospital - the town is all for helping residents feel the best they can. Even smaller private medical facilities can do their job and fulfill their passion for caring.


Overland park combines the great outdoors with plenty of indoor activities, meaning there is always something to do. Retail trade is among the top five industries in Overland Park. With places like Downtown Overland Park, Oak Park Mall, Prairiefire, and the Hawthorne Plaza, shoppers can find beautiful, one-of-a-kind treasures.

A beautiful mix of locally-owned shops can help customers decorate a home, fuel a new outdoor hobby, fill a closet with stylish new clothes, and more. If you're a retail store in Overland Park, you understand the sense of community and importance of getting new and returning customers through your door.

Professional Services

Between Overland Park and Kansas City, several professional services enhance other businesses, or the individual becomes successful. There is no shortage of professional companies in this town, from real estate, web development, legal services, and online services. With the high number of services available, business owners within this industry need to use creativity, working capital, and hard work to gain the upper hand over the competition.

Information Technology

Thanks to a constantly evolving technological industry, IT consultants and solution providers in Overland Park, Kansas are on the rise. IT businesses do more than just repair computer hardware - professionals in this industry are well-equipped to handle specialties such as cloud hosting, network monitoring, antimalware, server maintenance, and more. In today's environment, Information Technology is a vital business venture we need to bring all businesses forward towards the future.

Stand Out From The Crowd With A Business Loan

As an Overland Park business owner, you can access the city's many tremendous resources. WalletHub recently ranked Overland Park as one of the country's best cities for raising a family. Consequently, population growth is on the rise.

This means more Overland Park, Kansas, residents to support your small business. Beyond being a family-friendly region, Overland Park, KS, scores high on the livability scale, with education and healthcare among their more robust sectors.

What else does Overland Park have to offer? It is the headquarters for many national giants. The Sprint headquarters represents OP's largest employer. And with the economy and business booming, housing follows suit here in this Kansas enclave. It is one of the best regions in which to purchase a home. A combination of affordable pricing and lasting value makes the Overland Park real estate market a hot commodity. Get options now!

Now is the time to take advantage of the economic climate and do something big for your small business. Maybe this means buying a larger office space. Perhaps you want to look into hiring more employees.

Or you could be thinking about updating your existing equipment. Whatever the project, odds are you will require funding to help you get it off the ground. And this is where our loan agency serving Overland Park comes in. Fill out our online application, and we will reach out to you. Let's talk about your options!

Uses of a Small Business Loan in Overland Park, Kansas

Uses of a Small Business Loan in Overland Park, Kansas

Businesses often utilize business loans to cover equipment, real estate costs, or working capital paid off between one and 25 years. Business loans can also purchase fixed assets or help maintain day-to-day operations. Most businesses use small business loans for the following:

  • Boost Your Cash Flow

    Get small business financing to free up cash for immediate reinvestment in your company. You'll have more flexibility in financial decisions and be able to prioritize expansion rather than worrying about day-to-day expenses.

  • Buy New Equipment

    It's essential to find the most powerful and modern tools to provide the best possible service to your clients. Buying equipment can add up quickly. We can work with you to find the best financing options for your small business.

  • Refurbish Your Premises

    Maintaining or upgrading your company's facilities is an investment, especially if you're still in the early stages of growth. A small business loan can cover some or all of the costs involved in creating a clean and modern working environment to succeed and attract customers.

  • Hire Extra Staff

    If you need to add top talent to your team but don't have the cash to do it, an option like a small business loan with competitive interest rates could be the way to get funding.

  • Expand Your Business

    Cover One-Off Costs

  • Expand Your Business

    We've helped thousands of established businesses in the United States grow, create new jobs, and stimulate economic growth in their local communities with the best trim business financing options for their needs.

First Union Lending is Here to Help Your Business Succeed

If you've already approached a traditional Kansas bank, they probably buried you in tons of paperwork. They also, we imagine, scrutinized your FICO, years in business, along with the collateral you may or may not have on hand. And they probably kept you waiting for weeks (if not longer) for a decision only to come back and tell you no. We don't do business this way. Our Overland Park, KS clients matter—everyone gets our utmost attention.

Our process is straightforward. Simply fill out the online application, submit a few documents, and an advisor walks you through the rest—start to finish. For us, it's about a comprehensive and holistic approach to commercial lending in Overland Park. In other words, we want to hear your story. Who are you? Where are you heading to? And what value do you bring to the table? Not to mention, we do not believe in a one size fits all approach. Every company is unique; thus, every company deserves a custom-tailored small business loan.

Having worked with fitness centers, caterers, trucking companies, construction firms, you name it, we know how quickly the pace of business in Overland Park truly is. And so we believe in working fast as well. Decisions are generally arrived at in a few hours, and clients receive funding in as little as 24 hours. With resources ranging from 5k to 10 million, we can fund you quickly! First Union Lending offers short-term loans, lines of credit, merchant cash advances, SBA loans, long-term loans, commercial property loans, debt consolidation, bridge loans, credit card processing, health care provider loans, invoice factoring, and even equipment financing. And again, ultimately, it is about creating a customized solution based on your Overland Park business's needs.

So what would you do with a commercial loan from First Union Lending—Sky's the limit. We want to ensure that you grow and succeed. Alternative and online lenders are becoming the go-to solution for many Kansas-based small businesses. This is because we understand how to work with you, and we comprehend your needs. We would love to hear your story and see what plans you have in mind. Find out what you qualify for!

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