4 Ways to Get More Done as a Small Business Owner

By: First Union


4 Ways to Get More Done as a Small Business Owner

Entrepreneurs tend to face one very similar situation in that there simply aren't enough hours in the day. You probably wear numerous hats as a small business owner—which can make it difficult to balance tasks and time. This is why we wanted to offer a few tips on ways to maximize the hours you do have and thus get more done.

1. Group tasks together

One thing that can certainly help is if you group those tasks that are related or in some way connected. So for instance, you might complete emails, handle social media and make requisite phone calls in one section of time. Doing vastly different things close together only serves to throw you off your game.

2. Do the tougher tasks first

Sometimes starting the day by tackling the toughest task can make for a smoother and easier flow throughout the remainder of your workday. Even if perhaps you only get a part of it done, you're still forging ahead and making progress on what otherwise could've have been a big stumbling block later on.

3. Track your time

If you know how much time a given task takes, then you'll have a more efficient frame of references for similar tasks that may come up later in the day or week. Tracking how many hours you spend on tasks is a good move as far as being able to more effectively budget and plan out your time accordingly.

4. Motivate your employees

There are a variety of ways to motivate your employees—from allowing more flexible work schedules, to bonuses and incentives, to even just asking for their feedback and input regarding important projects. The more motivated your employees, obviously the more productive they will be, and your office will better be able to get stuff done.

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