4 Effective Customer Care Trends You Should be Doing

By: First Union


4 Effective Customer Care Trends You Should be Doing

Just look at all the ways there are now to connect with consumers. Social media platforms, email, direct messaging, chatbots. In some ways, the list truly is endless. That said, costumers now expect more access to the businesses with which they deal. So what is your company doing to further open the lines of communication between you and your customers? Below are four customer care trends that you should be integrating if you haven't already.

Direct Messaging

More and more consumers are turning to direct messaging (DMs/) as far as how they prefer to engage with a business. This form of communication is far more private than say through Twitter or Facebook. It allows the customer space to upload videos or photos and yet keep their information secure.


With chatbots integrated into your site, you have a chance to keep the lines open 24/7. Customers love instant and flexible access! And this way too, while they're on the site, should they have an issue navigating, etc. the chatbot is there to help. The key is to implement them strategically, to make the user feel comfortable with this form of communication.

Social Data

Once upon a time, social data was for marketing—that's changed, as customer care teams are also actively using social data. The pervasiveness of reviews and feedback, for instance, has made it so that customer care professionals have to use the extensive reach of technology to respond and address such feedback. Not to mention, understanding more about your clients' interests is going to help your team develop ads with a more specific and thus effective focus.

Customer Care Marketing

Not that it's replacing marketing, but customer care is increasingly becoming part of marketing campaigns around the world. If you can hit upon just the right formula, both your marketing efforts and your customer care approach will move to a whole new level.

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