First Union Lending believes that our business cannot grow off the backs of the hard-working people out there who take all the risk of being a business owner to create jobs, take care of their families, and keep this country moving forward.

For a long time, traditional banks have opted to nickel-and-dime business owners to death with fees and rules geared toward slowly separating small business owners from their money.



Unfortunately, Most of Today’s Credit Card Processing Companies
Live by the Same Mantra.

First Union Lending has been helping small business owners realize their full potential for a decade with our suite of low-cost business loans, our best in class and free business savings club and free attorney membership program.


In 2018 we vowed to disrupt another area where business owners are being abused by the large institutions out there, CREDIT CARD PROCESSING. Most business owners don’t have the time to learn the ins and outs of credit card processing and therefore solely rely on salespeople to help them make the decisions about credit card processing for their businesses. Unfortunately, this model of dealing with the salesperson is broken and antiquated in today’s technology-driven world. As more of the traditional credit card processing iso’s consolidate to gobble up market share business owners are left uninformed and blind to their real options.


In 2019 First Union Lending Aims to Inform the Business Owner, Give Them Options and Ultimately put you Back in the Driver’s Seat.


First Union Lending is now an ISO and has agreements with all the top card issuers. We provide business owners with rock-bottom credit card processing rates available. We do this by dealing directly with the business owner since we are already licensed to and conduct business nationwide. This model is not so great for the slue of salespeople, smaller regional ISO’s and other organizations who are all part of the family that a business owner feeds by having to pay them all out of every single transaction. But this is GREAT for the small business owner.


We have spent a decade perfecting the way we do business with business owners in the entire USA, and now we are going to use that expertise to give you, the business owner, more and better options when it comes to your credit card processing needs.


We will provide this all to you without any contracts, commitments or equipment leases. We will retain our client base not by force, but by being the best.



All fees cut – Our transaction fees, percentages, terminal fees, etc. will all be lower than what you currently have now.

Ease – Our processing solutions and a large number of software options including the latest in EMV solutions will ensure we can integrate seamlessly and accommodate your existing system with ease.

Support– Our best in class support will ensure you are up and running immediately and keep it that way because we know that missing one sale, can make a difference.

Access – Acceptance of card-not-present transactions for business owners who operate in eCommerce, online gateways and MOTO

Territory – Cover more territory and run your business smoother with our mobile processing solutions.

Compliance – Full PCI Compliance

Equipment – You will have the ability to choose any equipment on the market if you need it and we will sell it to you at wholesale cost. The expensive equipment lease you might have right now could be a 150-dollar terminal that you will pay 4000 dollars for over the life of the lease.



Are you constantly inundated by salespeople trying to sell you on credit card processing? They promise the lowest rates. When you switch over, you end up feeling misled and let down. Quickly find out if you are being overcharged by your credit card processor. Grab your most recent processing statement, enter your total monthly sales and then total fees right into our calculator and see what your real cost is.