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New England is known for some incredible cities, among them: Lewiston, Maine. The Northeast has a ton to offer, and especially when it comes to entrepreneurs, this is one region that is incredibly small business-friendly. Most recently, Lewiston was ranked as one of the most diverse regions in Maine. Not to mention, more and more retirees are flocking to the city of Lewiston because of the affordable cost of living as well as the fact that it is both a metro mecca and an outdoor lovers haven as well.

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What else does Lewiston, ME have to offer those who call the city home? Just 30 miles from Portland, Lewiston is both charming and modern. Benefiting from a low crime rate and a family-friendly environment, the Maine city has grown in population over the past five years.

Situated along the Androscoggin River, Maine's second-largest city has something for everyone. In recent years, Lewiston has witnessed the growth of its tech sector. More young professionals are coming into Lewiston because of it. It's also experiencing a boom as far as manufacturing and service-oriented companies. Let's talk about your options!

As a small Lewiston based business owner, you need to start thinking now about changes, upgrades and innovations you want to integrate to keep your company on top. Maybe it's time for a bigger office. Or perhaps you need to hire on some more talent.

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Is your equipment up to date, or could it use a serious overhaul? Start thinking strategy. How can you optimally position your Lewiston, ME business to enjoy the most benefit possible? Fill out our online application and we will reach out to you. Speak with a specialist!

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First Union Lending is Here to Fund Your Lewiston, Maine Business

If you've already approached a traditional Maine bank, odds are they gave you a bit of the run-around. Probably buried you in paperwork, scrutinized your FICO and years in business. They most likely left you hanging weeks if not months for a decision—only to ultimately tell you no. Banks tend not to be the best choice for small Lewiston businesses seeking commercial funding. Their criteria are often way too stringent and it's impossible to meet all of the benchmarks they set.

Our loan agency serving Lewiston does things very differently. Perhaps this is why so many small Maine businesses are turning to online and alternative lenders. We are flexible when it comes to things like credit score, years in business and collateral or lack thereof. We get that you need cash fast and perhaps it just so happens that all of the criteria are not lining up. This is why for every one of our Lewiston, Maine customers we custom tailor a funding solution. So even if that score isn't where it needs to be, there is a good chance we can still work with you to get you money ASAP.

From short term loans, merchant cash advances, lines of credit, long term loans, SBA loans, commercial property loans, debt consolidation, bridge loans, health care provider loans, invoice factoring, equipment financing to credit card processing, we have a variety of financial programs geared toward small business owners. Not to mention, we work with just about any industry/business type. Restaurants, trucking companies, medical practices, you name it. There is never a one size fits all approach. The process is super simple. Fill out an online application, submit some documents and an advisor will walk you through the rest.

With resources ranging from 5k to 10 million, rest assured that we have the cash on hand right now to get you funded. Most First Union Lending clients receive the money in their accounts within 24 hours. We never leave you hanging. Call for a free consultation!

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