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As a Casper business owner, you are probably aware of the amazing resources this city has to offer. Everything from affordable housing to a high quality of living, to a location that encompasses the grandeur of its natural surroundings in tandem with the eclecticism of city life.

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Not to mention, Casper, Wyoming is an incredibly small business-friendly enclave. Within the past five years, numerous startups-a record number actually—came to call Casper home. This could potentially be because of the low taxes or additionally, the cost of doing business overall is just a lot lower here

What else can you find to love about Casper, WY…With the nationally acclaimed University of Wyoming at its heart, Casper also has a ton of great talent located within the city. And these young professionals are looking to spur an already dynamic economy. Forbes Magazine has ranked Casper among the most family-friendly small cities on more than one occasion. Plus, Casper has become something of a mecca for those recently retired, as the 55 and over crowd are flocking to the Casper region in droves. Let's talk about your options!

As an entrepreneur in this Wyoming city, you now have a chance to do something tremendous for your company. It is time to take it up a notch, get noticed, attract more clients. What have you been planning? Perhaps a new office space. Or maybe you want to update your software and technology systems. How about hiring more personnel.

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Whatever your project, you will most likely need additional funds to get it up and running. And this is where we come in. Our loan agency serving Casper loves helping small businesses grow and flourish. Fill out our online application and get options now!

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First Union Lending: Standing Behind Small Businesses Throughout Casper, WY

Here's the deal, if you've recently approached a traditional bank about a loan, odds are the process wasn't all that smooth. They probably told you your credit score was too low, you didn't have enough years in business, you lacked the necessary collateral. And they also probably left you hanging for weeks if not months all to come back with a resounding no. This is not how we work. We make the process super simple and we are always looking for a reason to say yes.

We have partnered with Casper area salons, stores, restaurants, construction companies, doctors' offices, you name it. And with each loan we've issued, we've established a relationship designed to benefit the client over the long term. We also intuit that every business is different and thus every business requires its custom-tailored lending solution. There is no off the shelf approach with us. We look at you as a unique entity and create your commercial loan accordingly.

The process is fast and flexible. You first fill out an online application, submit the required documents and an advisor takes you through the rest, step by step. Wait times are minimal. Decisions are generally arrived within a few hours, while the money can be in your account within 24 hours. We get that the pace of business in Wyoming moves fast, and our job is to help you keep up. No waiting games, no surprises—just honesty and transparency.

So whether you're looking to buy real estate, purchase brand new equipment, even launch a new product, we have a business loan program specifically for you. We would love to see what you do with one of our financing products. The goal is to help small Casper based businesses expand and then thrive doing so. This is why we do what we do. Call for a free consultation and let's get started together!

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