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Small Business Lending For Buffalo, NY

If you own and operate a Buffalo, NY business, then you are well aware of the resources available at your disposal right now. Buffalo, the Queen City of New York, has a robust economy. Not only are they home to the Buffalo Bills, but the colleges abound in Buffalo, thus spurring the economy even more. With the acclaimed University of Buffalo, Buff State, and Canisius College among others, they have a vast talent pool from which small business owners can find incredible up and coming, young professionals.

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What else can you expect from this western NY city…Visit downtown Buffalo and you are certain to be awed by the architecture, the restaurants and shops, and just the general hometown vibe that the city gives off.

Whether you're in Cheektowaga, Hamburg or Clarence, you are certain to find something to love about the city of Buffalo, New York. Housing prices are extremely reasonable, so if you are looking to buy in here, you should be pleasantly surprised. Get options now!

As a small business owner based in Buffalo, NY, you have some important choices to make. Now is the time to do something to help your company become a standout

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Perhaps that may mean opening a new location. You might want to invest in an office build-out. Or you could consider launching a new product line to enhance your portfolio. Whatever you decide to do, you're most likely going to need additional funds to do it. This is where we come in. Fill out our online application and let's talk about your options!

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First Union Lending: Helping Buffalo Based Businesses Grow and Succeed!

Our loan agency serving Buffalo love helping small businesses move toward the realization of their goals. It can be hard approaching traditional Buffalo area banks. They will undoubtedly bury you in paperwork. They'll scrutinize your FICO and lack of collateral. They will ultimately leave you waiting weeks if not months for a decision, and in the end, come back with a disheartening “no.” This isn't what we're about. Our goal is to find a reason to say yes. Helping Buffalo businesses thrive makes us incredibly happy. This is precisely why we take a big picture approach to commercial lending. In other words, we ask about who you are, what you bring to the Buffalo economy, and where you see yourself down the road.

With short term loans, lines of credit, and merchant cash advances, SBA loans, long term loans, commercial property loans, debt consolidation, bridge loans, credit card processing, health care provider loans, equipment financing, invoice factoring, among other loan programs, we can meet your financial needs—without question. And with resources ranging from 5k to 10 million, we have the money on hand now. Decisions are generally made within a few hours and the cash is in your account within a day—this is how quickly we work. An advisor is always on hand to walk you through it. We want you to keep pace with the Buffalo, New York business economy, not lag behind it.

We've partnered with salons, restaurants, trucking firms, and construction companies to name but a few. We get that each business is unique and so there is no one size fits all approach with us. We're invested in creating the kinds of long term partnerships that matter—that will ultimately help you achieve everything that you want!

So what do you want…More staff, a second location, upgraded vehicles, you name it. We can't wait to see what you do with a loan from First Union Lending. Your Buffalo business deserves the very best. Find out what you qualify for and let's start your journey together!

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