Small Business Funding in Bridgeport

Small Business Funding in Bridgeport, CT

Located between two of the biggest business hubs in the world by way of Boston and New York, Bridgeport is uniquely situated to provide both a dynamic economy for entrepreneurs looking to grow their business as well as just an overall great place to live. Whether you’re in the South End or Newfield, you have the advantage of a Connecticut city that boasts an incredible talent pool, a fast-growing financial sector as well as some of the most desirable real estate in the nation.

Beyond business and real estate, the city of Bridgeport, CT is also known for its thriving cultural scene. Bridgeport is home to one of the largest populations of working artists in the region. Perhaps this is what gives the Connecticut city its distinctive and diverse vibe. Visit the Downtown Cabaret Theatre, listen to the Bridgeport Symphony, check out the Housatonic Museum of Art, and you will quickly come to see why Bridgeport has been heralded as a verifiable Connecticut hub of culture.

Owning a business in Bridgeport can be an exciting endeavor. Whether you’re a medical spa, a hair salon, even a catering truck, you have an opportunity to plant some solid roots and grow from there. As a prominent seaport city, Bridgeport’s retail and manufacturing sectors are booming. Speak to a specialist!

Their tech industry is an up and comer and because of the Connecticut city’s central location, you have ample access to talent from top tier schools. It is time for you to make your Bridgeport based business stand out—and we’re here to help. Apply today!

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Our loan agency serving Bridgeport is positioned to help your business now. Meaning, we have the resources on hand to get you the cash your business needs the same day. No waiting months for a decision, no jumping through the bank’s endless hoops; as an online lender we work quickly to ensure you get your funding exactly when you need it.

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First Union Lending: Bridgeport Funding Made Easy

Having worked with Bridgeport businesses in neighborhoods from Whiskey Hill to the Hollow and everything in between, we understand the city and what’s more, we understand what it takes to create a dynamic Bridgeport footprint. This may mean hiring more staff to keep up with demand. It could mean looking for a bigger more centrally located office. It could also mean purchasing vehicles for your employees. It is so important to be proactive when it comes to how you present your Bridgeport small business and the steps you take to move forward.

First off, know that we are not judging you based solely on a credit score. Sure, we consider your FICO, but it’s not the only factor we evaluate. We want the entire picture of your Connecticut business. How did you start? Where are you going? What value do you bring to Bridgeport’s economy? There’s so much more to your business than a single number—we get this. You will be assigned a dedicated advisor to guide you through the process. Our online application takes minutes. And the decision comes within just a few hours. Many of our Bridgeport area clients get their money the same day. We know you need to move—fast sometimes. We’re not about holding you up and we’re certainly not about making you wait.

If you have a project in mind, even if you’re simply trying to get through a slower time, we can help. With short term loans and lines of credit among other products, we have the resources on hand to get you money now. Let’s talk about your options!

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