18 Business Loan Requirements - Personal and Business Tax Returns

18 Business Loan Requirements - Personal and Business Tax Returns

Almost always, when applying for a short-term business loan, merchant cash advance, bridge loan, or equipment loan, you will be asked to supply your tax returns. This is yet another record of how your business has performed, and generally, a lender will require anywhere from 2-3 years’ worth of returns. Most often, you’ll be asked for both personal and business returns.

Suppose you are a pass-through entity such as an S corp or sole proprietorship. In that case, the personal tax returns will most definitely be necessary, as these will show the lender where you stood the previous year as far as your company’s losses/profits. And with a corporation, the lender will require that you provide your business returns. Again, they are looking to see how you did as far as revenue, profits, expenses, and so forth.

The best thing you can do prior to applying for any sort of loan product for your business is to ensure that you have these records on hand and ready to submit. It is highly unlikely that a lender will okay a loan without first seeing your personal and business tax returns, so to be on the safe side, submit your past three years’ worth for review.

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