Why First Union Lending

Funding your next big move

1st Union’s lending arm was created in 2010 in order to give small and medium sized businesses alternatives to institutional banks and bank financing.  When the businesses don’t meet the bank’s stringent requirements, require capital fast and cannot wait for traditional financing to close, or just enjoy the flexibility to use the capital for the current needs of the business as they arise. 1st Union is there to fund your next big move.

Why First Union?


Startup friendly


Funding for anyone


No credit? No problem!


Legal issues? OK!

A skilled and experienced team

For more than 7 years, 1st Union Lending has combined a skilled team of managers with entrepreneurial skills and even stronger interpersonal skills to rise to the top of the non institutional financing industry.

While we are headquartered in Orlando Florida, with offices in Tampa and Miami, our clients come from across North America, from Alaska down through Canada and throughout the continental USA, including Hawaii and Puerto Rico.

Everyone knows that banks provide the bare necessities in terms of working capital and usually that just isn’t enough for a growing and evolving business. 

Unlike normal banks, we can provide you with flexible financing very quickly, within a matter of hours you can get approved and the funds deposited directly into your bank account so you can decide where the money is needed most.

The entire process is very secure and can be done online through our encrypted system.

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