Why Digital Marketing Is Important for your Small Business

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Why Digital Marketing Is Important for your Small Business

For most small businesses, the goal is to grow and ultimately to succeed. Marketing is a central component of any such success. In the world in which we currently live, especially given the climate that we are in right now, digital marketing is absolutely the way to go. The internet is pervasive; meaning, everyone is online at one point or another—from Baby Boomers to Gen Z. So ask yourself, are you integrating digital marketing into your efforts? And are you doing so effectively? Below are some of the reasons why digital marketing is critical to any company's survival.

It is highly affordable

If we think back to "old school" forms of marketing, we know that they very often came with a hefty price tag. TV spots, radio commercials, billboards. Hundreds if not thousands of dollars could be spent on these marketing strategies. Not the case with digital marketing. In some instances, you can avail yourself of free marketing techniques. Think social media—free exposure that allows you to directly engage with consumers.

You need to go mobile

Did you know that nearly eighty percent of Americans use their smartphones for everything from shopping to getting their daily news. Digital marketing efforts puts you on those smartphones. So as they're checking the latest scores for example or reading celebrity gossip, your ad could very well pop up on their device.

Flexibility is key

Because the internet is so widely used, because there are so many handheld devices and phones in circulation, your marketing efforts need to be flexible. That is to say, you have to get that message out there in many forms. From banner ads to social media posts, the more you change up how you are conveying that message, the better. Not to mention, you want to be able to test a few different ads—digital marketing allows you to do this quite inexpensively.

Expand your company's reach

Given the events of the first half of 2020, online shopping skyrocketed. So many more people took to the internet and their devices to purchase the necessities. By having a digital marketing plan in place you therefore take advantage of this dramatic increase in online purchasing. And in the process, you help to expand your brand's reach overall.

Let's you be more interactive

Digital marketing, particularly when it comes to your social media presence, allows you to more personally connect with consumers. People now value authenticity. They want to know who you are and what you stand for. Engaging customers via social media, you give them an "insider's glimpse" of your company's personality, and this goes a long way toward helping boost that bottom line.

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