What to Do with Negative Reviews on Social Media

By: First Union


What to Do with Negative Reviews on Social Media

We've all likely been there. You are proud of your business, proud of the services and products that you represent, and yet, there is that one customer run-in that threatens to deflate that pride, and worse, net you a negative review on social media. So what do you do? How do you respond…or should you respond? Keep reading for some tips on handling negative feedback.

Remember, it's not personal

Sure it's your business and that kind of makes it personal, then again it's likely that the customer is angry at some aspect of the business, not you personally. So always try and keep in mind that they are not attacking you as a person, they are criticizing their service or a defective product.

Act like a business owner

Understandably you may become upset. But this is not the time to throw down with the complaining individual. This is the time to remain calm and tactful. Getting into a heated social media argument will only make matters worse. Keep your cool at all costs.

Make sure you address it

Trying to explain and/or make it right regarding the review will only work in your favor. People will see that you are concerned about the quality of your products/services, you are invested in customer experience and thus you are taking the time to respond. This is key!

Avoid making excuses

Offering an excuse by way of "we were short-staffed" for example, doesn't help the situation. The problem that occurred did so for a reason, and unfortunately, customers don't care what the reason was, they just want the situation addressed and somehow rectified. Excuses also indicate that you are not willing to own up to your mistakes.

Highlight your strengths

They are attacking some weaknesses they perceived within your company. Certainly, if you are in the wrong apologies, but then also use the response as an opportunity to say something positive about the company and its reputation for quality.

Resolve the problem however you may need to

One angry review overshadows hundreds of positive ones. People notice and even though it may be just one, it triggers something within them that could dissuade them from buying from you. The way you handle the negative review will subsequently speak volumes and allow you an opportunity to show that you are proactive when it comes to addressing anything that may have gone wrong. Whatever steps may need to be taken to rectify the situation, take them. Yes, it may cost you some money, but is it worth losing business over.

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