The Reasons Why Dogs Can Be Beneficial to the Workplace

The Reasons Why Dogs Can Be Beneficial to the Workplace

Dogs just have a way of making people smile. Even sometimes during our most "stressed-out" moments, introduce a dog and the weight of all that stress somehow doesn't seem quite as bad. More and more, offices are allowing people to bring their dogs to work. And why not…if they make people feel good and add a positive vibe to your workplace, it's only going to benefit the company. Below are just a few reasons why bringing dogs to work could improve the overall atmosphere.

Research has shown that being around a dog can improve certain health conditions. This is one of the reasons why dogs are used regularly for therapy purposes. Physically speaking, dogs can have an impact as far as cardiovascular health, lowering blood pressure, even lowering cholesterol. And from a mental health perspective, countless studies have been able to prove that dogs most definitely reduce anxiety levels in people. All of the above: a win-win for any workplace.

Emotionally, dogs bring numerous benefits to those people around them. For one, dogs make us feel more needed. Additionally, as far as dogs in an actual office environment, several recent reports have shown that their presence served to decrease overall tension along with the number of confrontations that occurred—as the dogs provided that calming influence.

Dogs also encourage activity. Sitting in front of a computer all day long can take its toll. With dogs present though, people are more apt to get up and interact with their canine counterparts.

One thing you want to account for if you do bring a dog to work is to ensure that the dog is comfortable throughout the day. Bring their bed, a toy or two, obviously make sure they have access to water and treats as needed. Also, you want to check and see that others in your office are comfortable with having a dog around. Otherwise, this could lead to some issues.

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