At First Union Lending we offer business lines of credit to fit any situation.


We offer traditional business lines of credit based on FICO scores or nontraditional lines which are not determined based on personal credit. Deal with Real People who want to guide and help you.


At last, a common-sense approach to business financing.
We care about you and your business even if your credit isn’t flawless.

1. Sign up in seconds

Signing up is easy, and you can do it yourself or have us do it for you.

2. Fast Decision

Just provide us with a look into your business finances by simply providing bank statements and our DocuSign application. We do the rest and let you know how much you are approved for, very quickly.

3. Funds right away

Once approved, you will have access to cash right away and can draw from your line of credit account and direct deposit directly into your business account to use the funds the same way you use your other business funds.

We can help right away

The process is quick, simple and straightforward. No additional underwriting required. Terms can be as good as a yearly revolving line of credit for up to $250,000 with an APR starting at 6.5% and monthly repayment terms.


Receive funds quickly

When you draw down your funds, we transfer the money directly to your business bank account within 24 hours. Use the money any way you choose: Marketing, new employees, payroll, equipment or anything else you want.


How do you pay us back?

Depending on which Line of Credit you have been approved for, paying us back is easy.

We have lines of credit that range from weekly to monthly payments and can start from a 3-month repayment term up to a 1-year repayment term. Unlike traditional banks, we review your account every six weeks to increase the limits. Every time you make a payment, that money becomes available to you again — a true revolving line of credit.


Only pay for what you use

There are no fees for having the line of credit. You only pay when you draw from the account and stop paying the minute you have paid back the principal.




Pricing is super simple and easy to understand.