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Yes, we do provide lighting fast funding, but you also have a very skilled business adviser to help find the best financing options that will best suit your needs. In fact, your adviser is assigned to you and becomes familiar with your business as it grows, helping whenever you might need a hand. Contact your adviser at anytime or call us at 855-641-2274 or email us at info@firstunionlending.com

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Your advisor is trained in business, allowing them to expertly assess your companys.


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Your advisor is trained in many different industries, there isn’t a niche that hasn’t been funded.

“The fist time we borrowed money we were still pretty new and didn’t have much business experience. We made the mistake of using  a company that didn’t care about us as much as they did about their pockets. That company is now out of business (big surprise).  We almost lost our business trying to pay them back.

When we first heard about First Union Lending from a friend we were very skeptical, but he had gone from 1 – 8 locations and we were still on our first. His businesses is retail and very inventory intensive, we surely should have grown too since we are a service based business.

He showed us how using 1st Union’s money responsibly and growing his top line revenue by upto 20% allowed him to quickly expand. Since the loans were very short term, 3-6 months each, he was able to finance the growth and inventory acquisition easily.

Sure enough, with the right plan we too are now using short term financing bursts from 1st Union.  Our advisor at 1st Union has taken great care of us, making sure to never allow us to over extend what we can comfortably pay back (even though we did get caught up in the excitement of growth a few times).

Not only did we create our online presence which has helped to increase sales by 34.5%. We have also completed and rolled out our franchisor plan and are in talks with 4 different franchisees. I can’t believe, 2 years into it and we are discussing franchise opportunities.  We can’t wait until Pristine Spa is a nationwide company.

Thanks a lot, 1st Union.

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