About Us

About Us

At First Union Lending, we have a mission that revolves around more than just making money for our investors. In fact, our investors know and are happy knowing, that they come second in our eyes to you- the small business owner.

99.9% of all businesses in the United States are small businesses operated by hard-working people like you who have the tenacity to take your life into your own hands. First Union Lending applauds you, as the champions of our economy.

As small business owners, you employ close to 60% of the working population of the USA and generate more than 50 trillion dollars in revenue yearly. You are also the highest contributor to taxes in our country, yet surveys show that the average business owner rates their happiness with their small business at a 5 on a scale of 1-10.

Why? Why are such hard-working, dedicated people so “meh” when it comes to their businesses? The number one reason for a 50% failure rate in the first 5 years and the loss of love, hope, and accomplishment you had when you were opening your business is lack of access to capital. The number one complaint about not having access to capital is not what you may think, not payroll, not inventory but rather marketing. Small business owners just don’t have the capital to compete by marketing, especially against the companies who dump 100’s of millions of misguided dollars into marketing and advertising every year.

At First Union Lending we see you, small business owner, we hear you, and we feel for you. We have a deep belief and a mission, no, a duty to provide business owners with easy access to the capital needed for you to achieve your dreams and goals. To continue to create, mentor and grow the workforce that is the United States and more importantly for all of us, to continue to be the main driving force behind our economy.

As all of you are aware, the era of your local bank and personal relationship is going by the way of the dinosaur as smaller banks are being consolidated by the already “too big to fail” banks that do nothing more than figure out every way possible to nickel and dime their clients to death, breaking laws without consequence and putting their profits before their customers. While paying their top management 10’s of millions of dollars per year of your money. To put this into context, Jamie Dimon CEO of JP Morgan made over 28 million dollars in 2017 and the CEO of Wells Fargo, who has been fined for literally cheating people and businesses out of their hard-earned dollars, was paid more than 18 million last year.

First Union’s CEO? While we provide over 25 million dollars in business loans in 2018, our CEO made 63 thousand dollars in 2018. That is the First Union difference. Our culture is not one of profits, it’s one of sticking to our beliefs and committing to our purpose of helping businesses prosper.

Traditional banks have all but forgotten about small businesses due to the risk involved in being a small business. Traditional banks provided less than 25% of small businesses that applied for loans with access to capital in 2018 and most of these businesses were required to be in business more than 5 years and the owners required to have credit scores in the mid 700’s. Yet, those same banks made the laws that keep most small business owners with low scores due to credit card over-utilization because they are having to run their businesses off their personal credit cards.

These are the same banks that will let you personally guarantee a personal/business credit card and won’t report the credit card usage to the credit bureaus so that you can’t build personal or business credit, keeping you ineligible for loans with them in the future. What is even worse is that unless the 25% that did get the financing needed and could qualify to get loans of more than $250,000, the banks would turn them away immediately.

The growing alternative lending market provided close to 60% of small businesses with that same access to capital.

The alternative business lending space is growing at such a fast rate that it will take even more market share in the years to come. So much so in fact, that traditional banks are now trying to partner up with alternative lenders, but not for the reasons you may think. While they are trying to partner up, they are keeping quiet about it, only interested in retaining profits, the profits being stripped from them by the alternative lenders. The general public and business owners have been losing confidence in traditional banking institutions and are forming partnerships with alternative lenders.

First Union Lending is the only alternative lender that provides any type of loan to our clients, from equipment financing to SBA guaranteed loans, lines of credit, fair merchant cash advances and even the lowest cost credit card processing found anywhere.

At First Union Lending we aim to build long term lasting relationships by providing business owners with what they need when they need it. We pride ourselves on being educated, knowledgeable and caring about how we conduct business and have voluntarily acquired a lot of the same licensing required by more traditional banks to not only regulate ourselves but to cement our fiduciary responsibility to our clients into our entire culture.

We are not here to sell money, we are here to consult, help you save, and guide you and your business to success. Because when your business succeeds, so does ours.